The Psychology of Clothes – What to Wear on a First Date

The psychology of clothes affects how we behave and what we tell other people. For example, if you dress too formally, you are less likely to disclose your secrets, while a person dressed casually may act differently. The colors you wear can boost your confidence or distract others. If you want to attract a partner, dress accordingly. But remember, the color you wear is not the most important factor.


Psychology of Clothes

Unless you’re on the eve of a very important date, the last thing you want to wear is red. Men tend to be drawn to red, as it is the color of provocation. Red will stimulate a man’s imagination and make him lustful for you. In addition, men find red women to be attractive, both romantically and sexually. Red is the color of desire, and many men admit that they find women in red clothes most attractive. However, if you’re just on a first date and are not planning to make it a serious relationship, then yellow may be a better option.

However, there are a couple of colors you should avoid when wearing red on a first date. Orange has long been associated with the royal family and has a negative connotation. Moreover, this color is not appropriate for a professional setting, as it conveys arrogance and lack of intelligence. Moreover, it can make you look bland and serious, which may be the opposite of what you want to project.


The color black is a classic. Women love men who wear black because it creates a feeling of uncertainty, while men like the confidence it gives them. Black is versatile and goes well with any outfit and situation. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or going on a first date, black can add a certain something to the occasion. Read on to learn more about the benefits of black on a first date.

A recent study by psychologists at the University of Rochester found that red makes men more sexually attracted to women. However, the researchers noted that men are unaware of the role color plays in attraction and will spend more on dates with red women. In contrast, black attracts men on first dates as it is perceived as safer than red. Although black doesn’t enhance a woman’s sexuality, it still makes her look stylish.


Psychology of Clothes

Color psychology has long been theorized to influence the way we approach men. The color orange is considered one of the most cheerful colors. In fact, a study by Plataforma SINC found that orange dishes made food taste better. So, it would make sense to wear orange when you’re on a first date. Using this information, you can dress more cheerfully and impress your potential boyfriend.

Although the color orange is attention-grabbing and looks good on most people, it can also be overwhelming to some. In order to avoid this color, you must consider your location and the season of the night. If you want to look more chic on your first date, choose a neutral color like black. Black can be used as both formal clothes and casual clothes. Regardless of the color, black is a classic choice.


A British clothing company recently conducted a study to find out whether the color of a woman’s clothes has an effect on a man’s attraction to her. The company surveyed 1,000 participants about their automatic judgments about different women based on the colors of their clothes. Their findings weren’t in line with what people usually think. However, this study did reveal some interesting insights about women’s preferences regarding the colors they wear on their first dates.

Colors such as orange, red, and brown can also influence the subconscious of your date. These colors are often associated with danger, and wearing orange or brown clothing on a first date may send subconscious signals that you’re arrogant or shallow. Conversely, wearing red or black can make you appear more attractive to women. These colors have obvious connections to Valentine’s Day. And you can try to be as different as possible by wearing accessories that express your personality.

Designer gear

The main thing to remember when dressing for a date is not to wear a suit. Generally, smart separates are the best choice. Despite the name, wearing a suit on a date makes you look like you just got off the job. It also makes you seem aggressive. To avoid this, try tucking your featured band t-shirt into the front of a distressed pair of jeans. A pair of white sneakers will make you look casual and easygoing.

Casual clothes can be acceptable, but make sure you don’t go too casual. White sneakers are the perfect offset for a feminine dress, and kitten heels add a playful flair. Denim is a safe bet for a first date, and you can also wear pastel mules with vintage-washed jeans. Lastly, you can balance out your billowing crop top with a pair of long cut-off shorts or loose-fitting pants.

Psychology of Clothes