The 6 Biggest Online Dating Mistakes Women Make

Do you make these online dating mistakes? Do you over-share or under-share? The problem with over-sharing is that it creates tons of red flags in a woman’s mind. This article will address these common mistakes and teach you how to avoid them. The best way to improve your online dating game is to avoid these mistakes. Read on to discover the top mistakes made by online daters.

Oversharing is worse than undersharing

Oversharing is not a bad thing. It can actually be a good thing. Oversharing is an attempt to win someone’s sympathy, and it can feel like you’re having an emotional therapy session. Over-sharers blurt out personal details without being able to create trust and connection. Oversharing can be stressful, and the recipient of this information could be put off by the anxiousness you’re causing them.

The over-sharing tendency of many people has its pros and cons. Over-sharing can be an unconscious behavior. They may not realize they’re oversharing until after the fact, or they may become aware in the middle of the conversation. In either case, it’s a bad idea to reveal too much information to an online date. Over-sharing, however, can be extremely uncomfortable and can set unrealistic expectations.

Oversharing creates tons of red flags in a woman’s mind

Oversharing is a surefire way to send off a woman’s alarm bells when dating online. It’s a classic example of “TMI” or too much information. Oversharers are known for spilling the beans about their ongoing divorce or their bad boss. While it may be embarrassing to share this much information, it also shows a lack of common sense and boundaries. Typically, oversharers are also self-centered and will tend to share more than they actually need to.

Congruency creates tons of red flags in a man’s mind

There are countless examples of women who created loads of red flags in the minds of men online by using photos and descriptions that are not in line with their online profiles. The term “red flag” has become so commonplace that most women may even be able to spot them on their own. Creating an incongruent profile can send women into a frenzy.

Leaving profile prompts blank

Many people make the mistake of leaving the profile prompts blank, but there are several ways to avoid this online dating mistake. Leaving these blanks can make you appear uninteresting to most people, but it can appeal to a few select women. You should also avoid leaving your age or marital status blank, as lying about these items is a clear sign of insecurity and lack of personality.


During the early stages of dating, many people make the mistake of oversharing. Sharing too much information is a sign of inauthenticity and can be awkward and damaging. Oversharing also creates conflict, as both partners will often have different reasons for sharing details about themselves. This leads to a cycle of oversharing and remorse. Oversharing can even lead to compromising situations, such as spilling confidential financial information or badmouthing your friends and colleagues.

Oversharing is common, and while the reasons differ between people, the act is common. Research from Northwestern University and the University of Edinburgh has revealed that older people provided more irrelevant information than younger ones. This behavior is unproductive and can be detrimental to your online dating efforts. So how do you stop yourself from oversharing? Here are some tips:


There is a big difference between being authentic and oversharing on the internet. The former is a way to win sympathy from a new partner, while the latter is a way to get personal with someone without developing a relationship first. A genuine person is someone who first builds trust and a relationship, then starts blurting out personal information to gain intimacy. Oversharing can lead to anxiety, but an authentic person will be able to tolerate the anxiety.