MATCH FOR YOU – Are you in a relationship and wondering if you’re a good match? This book by relationship expert Tarver discusses the five qualities of the perfect match. Keeping yourself authentic, finding a compromise, prioritizing your life, and imagining living your life with this person will help you to determine whether you’re a good match.

Keeping yourself authentic

Keeping yourself authentic is essential in a relationship. As Allyson Leak, relationship author and relationship advisor, says, being yourself is the key to attracting the right partner. You can tell if someone is compatible with your values, beliefs, and interests by their genuineness. You can also tell if they will be an excellent partner if they share the same values as you.

When you interact with colleagues or clients, it’s not uncommon to present yourself as a different version of yourself. However, most work meetings are required to be professional, and the same goes for social settings. Keeping yourself authentic allows you to form deeper connections and build stronger bonds with others. People who show up as their authentic selves have more positive interactions with others, which increases the odds of success.



Keeping yourself authentic helps you make decisions based on your values. It helps to prioritize the things in life that give you the most pleasure and walk away from relationships that don’t serve you well. By doing so, you’ll be able to discern whether the person you’re interacting with is the right match for you. This is especially important if you want to build a long-lasting relationship match for you.


If you’re looking to find a lasting relationship, one of the best ways to do it is to learn to compromise. In any successful relationship, both partners must compromise in some way or another. It’s not possible to satisfy both sides, and depriving one will only cause resentment, which could lead to a breakup. Here are 15 ways to tell if someone is right for you by compromising:

First, you should know your values. Consider what is non-negotiable for you and what you’re willing to compromise on. Once you know these values, you can compare them with your reality. Although it’s unlikely to find someone who fulfills all of them, you should be willing to compromise in certain areas. If you’re both willing to compromise, you’ll have an easier time overcoming challenges and problems in the relationship.

Imagining living your life with a person

The process of imagining yourself living your life with someone is easier said than done, especially when you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while. But the process can help you determine if someone is the right match for you if you’re looking to find a life partner who can help you achieve your goals and inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone.


Assuming that a partner is willing to make time for you, it’s important to know the priorities of your relationship. Think of your relationship as a pie. What do you want to get out of it? Are there certain things that you would like to see your partner do? If your partner does not care, it could mean that he or she isn’t a priority to you. Here are some tips on making your partner feel important.


Establishing a list of relationship priorities is important for repairing broken relationships. For example, prioritizing your partner’s happiness may lead you to sacrifice your own desires, but it won’t count as a priority. Similarly, sacrificing the last piece of pizza for your partner isn’t a priority. Instead, you should sit down and talk about what your priorities are with your partner match for you. Set your priorities together and then decide which are more important to you.


When you meet someone for the first time, you may feel a strong connection to them, but chemistry doesn’t always develop immediately. You might find yourself avoiding physical contact with them, or having anxiety after talking to them for a while. This is because you may not be able to establish chemistry with them match for you. Besides, you might misinterpret the lack of chemistry as a sign of lack of compatibility.

There are several different types of chemistry. There is social chemistry, which is where you feel comfortable around each other. There’s also intellectual chemistry, which involves challenging each other’s beliefs and ideas. If you feel that you and your partner have similar ideas, you might feel chemistry in that area. In a romantic relationship, however, chemistry is more difficult to detect, so you should not rely on this as a reliable sign.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, there are several signs that someone has chemistry with you. These signs include sexual interest, long-term commitment, and an innate ability to sense one another’s emotional state. If you feel chemistry with someone, you’ll feel that connection. So, if you’re interested in meeting someone new, don’t be afraid to make the first move!