What We Learned From Netflix’s Dating Around First Dates

After watching series nine, Cosmopolitan UK asked the dating experts what they’ve learned from the show. With hundreds of dates and several love stories, the editors learned what it takes to get a date right. The upcoming series 10 of First Dates starts April 4, so don’t miss it! The sex editor at Cosmopolitan UK, Paisley Gilmour, has covered sex toys, sex positions and even LGBTQ issues.

Millennial New Yorker

In the latest episode, a 30-year-old man tells his date that “no one could ever trust me” after meeting her an hour before. In true Millennial fashion, he’s not the only one with such a bad date. In the episode, a divorced millennial, Gurki, navigates flirting differently than her straight, white friend, Mila.

Thankfully, dating reality TV shows have started showing a more human side to relationships, with a focus on improving ourselves by being kind. “Terrace House” gained a following on Netflix because the residents feel important enough to become a water-cooler topic. Unlike many reality TV shows, Dating Around doesn’t feature a bunch of douchebags, and its characters are mostly decent people just looking for a connection.

While the dating world is a complicated place, Netflix has created a series that focuses on unscripted television. The cast of Dating Around consists of non-traditional people who are matched with non-millennials First Dates. Each dater gets filmed over a week, not round the clock. The goal is to show ordinary first dates, as opposed to romantic ones, with an aim to provide viewers with valuable information about the modern dating scen.


Dating Around combines reality TV with a fictitious dating show. The producers of the show spend months finding candidates with whom they can connect and then cast them. The resulting casts have a surprisingly diverse range of personalities and backgrounds. They range from self-identified Jersey girls with loud chewing habits to a heavily tattooed SWAT officer set up with a wealthy Barney’s buyer.

While Dating Around is not as crude as Too Hot to Handle or Love Is Blind, the show still manages to deliver cringe-worthy moments. The second season of Dating Around is chock full of intense first kisses, serious drama, and passionate first dates. So far, it’s unclear whether the show’s second-season cast will move onto third or fourth dates.

In the first season of the show, the casts are age-based and diverse. While there’s no pressure for contestants to ask their dates on second dates, the premise of the show is surprisingly real. The first dates are rife with awkward pauses and funny lines that fall flat. Netflix has taken this reality show and added to it with their original cast of diverse characters.

Show’s impact on genre

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